Local Moving Estimates


A local move can be as simple as moving a few items within the same building, or may involve moving an entire home or business across town. We are available to provide any level of service you require.

Currently, we are available to offer quotes via phone, email and free in-home estimates.

Our hourly rates with aproximate move durations can easily be quoted by phone or through e-mail.

Our flat rates will be conveniantly quoted through one of our friendly staff during a free, in-home estimate.  Although all methods of pricing are available for our clients, our flat rates are considered to be full, concrete quotes, while our on-line or phone estimates are predictions based on house size, contents, distance between locations and a variety of other factors.

In-home estimates are free and are availble to be booked day or night, during the week or the weekend.

As an example, our rates (valid through to September30/2012) are set at:

  • 2 skilled movers with any size truck: $95/hr  (Winter)
  • 3 skilled movers with any size truck:  $120/hr (Winter)
  • 2 skilled movers with any size truck  $100/hr  (Summer)
  • 3 skilled movers with any size truck  $125/hr  (Summer)

All hourly rate jobs are based on the duration of the move, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.  Travel time is currently local to everyone within Hamilton and the GTA! Hourly rate jobs can be capped with an in-home estimate.  Fuel costs, released rate valuation coverage insurance, wardrobe boxes, carpet runners & all equipment are included in all pricing.